Wearable capnographs for all patients and situations


Capnography is a non-invasive method of continuously monitoring the CO₂ concentration of patient breaths. Capnography is a vital sign in patient monitoring and the only assessment tool that can indicate both ventilation and perfusion.
Healthcare professionals complain about the current technology’s clogging of sample lines due to moisture issue and their design, but also on the lack of portability and wireless experiences in the capnography devices.
There is no independent OEM manufacturer of capnography today, leading to inferior solutions being used by different patient monitoring manufacturers.


Capnosway’s OEM technology is a durable solid-state solution with no moving parts that quietly measure directly at the patient’s breath.
The comfortable and wearable solution weighting less than 50 grams is ideal for non-intubated homecare patients since the low power technology enables continuously monitoring for three days before re-charging. The small hydrophilized disposable part of the cannula is reducing the waste and not causing false alarms due to sampling line clogging.
A continuous capnogram of the CO₂ waveform is displayed on the unit together with calculated ETCO2 and respiration rate values. All data is wireless accessible through Bluetooth and no hardware integration into the patient monitor or data management system is required. This also enables easy integration of the installed base of all patient monitors equipped with Bluetooth technology.

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